Rainbow Bridge

Beloved FLRR Ratties that have passed on 

FLRR Wolf 2007-2008

FLRR Rosalee 2007-2009

FLRR Isabella (Bella) 2008-2010

FLRR Fezz, March 29, 2010-June 2010

 FLRR Beau Dorn June 2009- Oct. 2010

REMIS Napoleon Bonaparte FLRR May 1, 2009- Jan. 21, 2011

 FLRR Raphael Covington, Jan 15, 2009- March 18, 2011 

FLRR Fiona, ?, 2011-June 27, 2011  

FLRR Black Magic Woman, March 29, 2010-July 3, 2011 

RMIS Methuselah FLRR, April 20, 2010-July 9, 2011   

FLRR Tai Lung, January, 2009-July 14, 2011 

RMIS Attila the Hun FLRR, May 1, 2009-July 28, 2011 

RAWR Hyde FLRR, ?-August 12, 2011 

FLRR Master Shifu, July, 2008-August 16, 2011  

 FLRR Gus Gus, December, 2009-October 19, 2011  

FLRR Harley, January 2009-October 21, 2011    

  FLRR Hitler, December, 2009-December 9, 2011

FLRR Bratt, September 8, 2010-March 23, 2012

FLRR Hiccup, December 24, 2010-May 7, 2012

Parents that have lost their dear little ones 

For those of you who have rats that have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, feel free to email me their name(s), date of Birth and death as well as a small tribute to them, I'll post it here.  not4u28@hotmail.com


 FLRR Andy March 2008-July 2010 Past of unknown causes.  He suffered a great deal 1.5 days before his mom decided to put him to sleep.  The quality of life would never have been there had she not done so.  Rest in peace dear Andy, and your brother Amos and your mom will miss you. 

Ruby Rattus

Born April 2008 - Died January 2011.
Ruby you were my special little rattus, You were my first rat and we did everything together we shared a special bond and if it wasn't for you
you generation wouldn't be. I hope you find happiness as your cross rainbow bridge and I'll meet you there one day. Remember I will always love you <3

FLRR Amos March 2008-February 2011 Brother to Andy

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