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My first Rat came to me in 2008 and stole my heart! I researched them as much as I could since I was the very first in my family and extended family to have pet rats.  I found that two is a MUST when having rats; they are very social animals and they need companionship other then you can give them.  Then I found the wonderful world of breeders! Unless your pet store has reputable breeders for their rats, they can come with health issues, short lives, and personality issues but they will almost always have a type of bug living on them (lice or mites) and to find that there were people that breed these darling creatures made me so happy!  So, my first pedigree rats came from Mischief of Remis Rattery in Boise, ID.  From then on rats made my fav. animal as number one along with dogs.  I decided that I wanted to share this love with the people in Southeastern WA and give them an option other than pet store rats. 

I have a short manual that I originally compiled for family members who adopted rats that I found for them but I intend to give this manual with each pair of rats that I adopt out.  If you would like this without adopting a rat please contact me via email and I can send you one.  Here is the index:

Your rat’s personality

Types of rats

            -Fur types



What to feed your rat
            -Good foods

            -Feed in moderation

            -Things not to feed them

Litter types and changes

How to give attention

Should you get another rat

Introducing a new rat to your colony


Smell and Bathing

Bowels and Potty

Males vs. Females

Playtime (things you can do)

-Outside time

-Walking them

Time line of love



"To own a rat is to know that forever your heart will walk outside your body on four little feet," said Dale Burkhart, 66, of Claremont. She's the vice president for the Riverside-based American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association.

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I was dressed up in my Halloween Best to give out candy to little kids.  Shifu was riding on my shoulder when I did this and I got a lot of WOW!'s and AAAAH!'s :O) 

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