Current Litters, Updated 9/14/2010

New litters: Ms. Eva X Ice Ice Baby,  

Litter Name: Water Love.  It just fit with dad's name :)

Check out our Planned Litters Section for more information

We have BABY'S!!!

Born on August 21, 2010 at about 10:00 am

Ms. Eva is being an excellent mother and caring for all 13 of her new baby's very well.  All have good milk bands.  I am hoping for Russian Blue rex's, Slate standard's, and Siamese.  All babies are dumbo, all Siamese will have red eyes.  Baby's will all have great personality's! Will post pictures when their color comes in. :)

 <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3   

I also have a hairless rat up for adoption.  I did not breed him, he was a rescue.  He is 7.5 weeks old. 

Adopted by Travis and family


              Mom, Ms. Eva                                                 Dad, Ice Ice Baby

 There are 7 males and 6 females,  5 Himalayan (points will come in at age 3 months), 2 Siamese, 2 slate variegated, and 4 black berkshire.

1.5 weeks old all with dumbo ears

girls                                                                                                 boys 


b1 Variegated Dumbo Boy (  reserved for Mollie Name: Freddie)

      g1 Spring Capped Variegated Dumbo Girl    (reserved for Eileen)


b2 Frost, Red Eyed Himalayan Boy   (reserved for Eileen)

g2 Dew, Red Eyed Himalayan Girl  (reserved for Eileen)


g3 River Red Eyed Himalayan Girl (Reserved for Samantha Name: Pheobe)

         g6 Rain Red Eyed Seal Point Siamese

   Girl (reserved for Samantha named: Paige)


 b6 Geyser Red Eyed Himalayan Boy   (Reserved for Eileen)

 b7 Sea boy Red Eyed Himalayan Boy   (Reserved for Eileen)


                                  b3  Dropling Black Berkshire with head Star Boy   (reserved for Eileen)


                                                   g4 Flow Black Berkshire Girl (reserved for Eileen)


           g5 Snow Flake Black Berkshire with high White markings on side Girl (reserved Eliza)


        b4 Ice boy Black Berkshire with high White markings on side Boy   ( reserved for Mollie name: Bowie)


g7 Ocean Breeze  Seal Point Siamese Double Rex Girl  (comparison with a standard fur male) Keeping

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